The Speakers

More speakers to be announced soon.

Dr. Saifedean Ammous
Author “The Bitcoin Standard“
Luis Buenaventura
CTO Bloom, Artist Cryptopop
Francis Pouliot
CEO – Satoshi Portal
Rodolfo Novak
CEO – Opendime
James Graham
CEO GuildOne
Michael Brown
Director of Innovation ATB Financial
Ben Perrin
YouTube – BTC Sessions
Dave Bradley
Founder / CINO – Oleum Capital
Nav Duhany
President and CEO of Imaginea AI
Host of the Bitcoin News Show on The World Crypto Network.
Andrew Browne
CEO Tiktiks
 Adam Meister
Host of the BitcoinMeister Show on YouTube
3iQ Fred Pye Close Up
Frederick T. Pye
President & CEO of 3iQ
Eric Kryski
Co-Founder at Bidali
Sylvie JM Welsh
Senior Associates at Burnet, Duckworth, and Palmer
Joanne Luu
Senior Associates at Burnet, Duckworth, and Palmer
Ashton Addison
CEO of EventChain SmartTicket Service Ltd.
Rodney MacInnes
AML Compliance Ninja at Outlier Solutions Inc.
Q Rasi
Director Strategic Markets, ATB Financial
Jason Dearborn
Chair Of The Board Of Directors at Dominion Bitcoin Mining Company LTD.
Daniel Riddell
Ambassador – DECENT Foundation
Eric Lifson
Co-founder, VP at Skrumble